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Graduates of “César Ritz” Collages were invited to the graduation and attended an Alumni meeting afterwards. A exquisite buffet of cold cut, cured salmon, many types of bread and pastry along with a selection of beverages, was prepared by apprentices from the waiters, butchers and baker and pasty programmes. On the picture from the left: Árni Sólonsson President of the Icelandic Alumni Chapter, Vice President Sigríđur Valdimarsdóttir, two of the graduating students Einar and Guđrún, Egill Sigurđsson, Sara Sullivan Holt, Snorri Thors, Birgir Guđmundsson, Sumarliđi Rúnarsson, Ísey and Mr. Daniel Gutwiller School Director UCCR.

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The first students graduated with a Joint Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations in October 2008. The School Principal Mrs. Margret Friđriksdottir granulated the students on their achievements and thanked them for being the pioneers in the first year with us. The guest of honour and key speaker Mr. Daniel Gutzwiller School Director of University Centre “César Ritz” in Brig welcomed the graduating students to the “César Ritz” Collages Alumni. Mr. Gutzwiller continued with an inspiring speech about their future in the industry and/or to further their studies in Switzerland. On the picture from the left: Mr. Daniel Gutzwiller, Graduating students: Einar, Gudrun and Anzhela, Mrs. Margret Fridrikdottir and Baldur Sćmundsson. 


Kópavogur Institute of Education, which is the officially designated school for the culinary arts in Iceland, takes great pleasure in being able to offer third-level education in the area of hotel and restaurant operations. It is indeed an honour for our institution to now be in partnership with the University Centre Cesar Ritz, Switzerland, one of the most respected schools in the hospitality sector. Our aim is to offer a practical and highly professional programme of study which provides an excellent preparation for managerial positions within the hotel and restaurant sector, as well as the business world in general.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The past decades have seen a dramatic growth in the Icelandic tourist industry and there is an ever-growing need for well qualified personnel capable of providing the required professional and quality services to visitors. With this new programme of studies, Kópavogur Grammar School/Kópavogur Institute ...

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“César Ritz” Colleges Switzerland in an academic partnership with the Hospitality and Culinary School of Iceland and with the support of The Icelandic Travel Industry Association and the Trade Council of Iceland the Hotel Association of Iceland delivered two days of seminars to hospitality students and professionals in Reykjavík on April 1st and 2nd, 2008.
The seminars “Managing Internationally” and “Customer Service – Delivering Quality and Service Etiquette” were delivered by George Cocker and Tarsila Fercher, Faculty members of “César Ritz” Colleges Switzerland Campus Brig.
This visit also enabled the visiting faculty to meet graduates who are currently working in the in Icelandic hospitality industry.

A wonderful experience!


“César Ritz” Colleges Switzerland has been affiliated for several years with Hospitality and Culinary Department of MK, which is the officially designated school for the hospitality and culinary arts in Iceland.
A one-year Joint Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations with “César Ritz” Colleges is offered in Iceland. Students follow the international programme with faculty trained in Switzerland and with quality control and academic support provided by managers from “César Ritz” Colleges.

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